Umeshu from steeping ume fruits while still unripe and green.
Umeshu is a Japanese liqueur with more than 1,000 years of history. It is made of Ume apricot, alcohol and sugar and very popular in Japan. There are more than 300 private Umeshu labels and many households also make their own liqueur. The purpose of this lens is to share knowledge about Umeshu in generals, Umeshu labels, their producers and to show how its production works.

Umeshu was brought from China to Japan as a medical drink in the eight century. In 1697 the dictionary of Japanese food culture first time documents the word umeshu. It describes umeshu as increasing appetite. It also says that umeshu is detoxifying and helping against sore throat.

The production method has not changed that much since ancient times. However, in its beginning umeshu was made using aged sake only instead of the multiple alcohol bases that are common these times.

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